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  1. I so agree with you. This was one of the most beautiful love in KD world, and it was annihilated by this awful ending. I personally think that this one was way worse than Scarlet Hearts. To think that CJ doesn’t even realise his love is gone! Makes me wanna kill the writers.

    During the last 3 episodes I kept wondering how they would manage the chef leaving SY’s body. The king should have been crushed. Of course, he wouldn’t have been able to go on on his own and make Joseon a better place… Then again, it’s not like he actually changed History. As I see it, he could have set aside his pain until he fulfilled his duty ( like in Red Sleeves). After that he could have allowed himself to die in hope their souls would be reunited at some point in the future. What about SY? Well, kings and queens were not supposed to love each other anyway…

    Anything. But not this. Bad. Bad writers. You will pay for that.

    1. Just finished the drama last night and that ending left me in shock. It is honestly insulting to be this invested in a kdrama just to feel like I got slapped hard at the end. Anyone who tried to explained away that ending is just doing massive, and I say again, MASSIVE mental coping. Another way of looking at this is as if they switched in one twin with the other twin in the beginning then swiftly switched back at the very end! It doesn’t matter if part of her is in him or he in her or they in them or whatever, they are two totally different people! It’s like a new program is installed into an old hard disk and got all the memory that came with it, but it’s a totally different, new program! I can’t even right now…I felt like I got duped. This was one of the saddest endings I’ve ever read or seen in a work of fiction. Having your lover ripped away and you didn’t even know it…my heart bleeds for the King and BH.

    2. Michelle Ann says:

      Before watching the last ep of Mr Queen I was scared of a Scarlet Heart-type ending! Now I wish it happened. The actual ending we got was much worse.

      Cheoljong not knowing what happened to Bong Hwan bugs me so much. BH and SY know. CJ should know what happened too. I wish SY told CJ about BH being gone and we got to see CJ’s reaction.

      But nope, writers didn’t want to deal with all that (too complicated?) and just went for the easy happily ever after.

  2. I completely agree! This was one of the most queer and best full-drama representations I’ve seen for the 19 1/2 episodes. I was enthralled with how well they portrayed So Bang’s gender and sexuality identity crisis in the midst of trying to survive time travel. Add in the complexity of plurality/other-memories, it was brilliant. To see Cheoljong fall in love with them because of who they /are/ and not their beauty, family connects (despite actually), or even past connections (those were realized after affections formed), was beautiful and wholesome.

    Then those last 30-40 minutes. Everything feels unresolved, like we are left looking at their masks without seeing the fallout, is so painful. It truly is a nightmare, as you said. I think Cheoljong will recognize why he feels something is lost and that his Queen (So Yong) is /different/ now. While she will eventually feel the same emotions of losing herself or confess the experience. And our displaced hero, So Bong, will have to readjust to life all over again with only history books for comfort.

    I’m going to head canon that they body swap again. Their lives are linked. But knowing they’re both there, it’ll be an interesting dynamic. So Bong was so emotional over reading even that tiny snippet in the bookstore. And So Yong was excited to realize what she’d learned from them. This will also complete the Cheolbong love again and make a much better ending.

    1. Michelle Ann says:

      Cheoljong rejecting the typical childhood connection/fated love and falling in love with So Bong (and Hwa Jin) after getting to know them was unique for kdrama and a refreshing change. So his endgame being SY with their childhood connection/fated meeting is annoying lol

      CJ literally wrote the book on SB and already felt something was different in the finale. I can’t imagine him not asking questions about why his queen is different now…

  3. I was disappointed too! Like couldn’t they have just finished the drama with BongHwan living in Soyoung’s body for the rest of his/her life? His whole character development evolved throughout the whole season; accepting his new identity and self and making family and friends. I’d be so heartbroken about letting it go so suddenly. I also thought the original Soyoung was dead because she was sinking (drowning) in the water when BongHwan finally got Soyoung’s memories.

    If they ended with BongHwan remaining in that timeline, they should’ve made a cliffhanger following Soyoung in BongHwan’s body waking up in the present timeline, that would be a killer cliffhanger and suggest a potential second season focusing on BongHwan trying to resolve or find out how to clear his name from the scandal. At least, it’d be better than the ending we got. It’d also give viewers the opportunity to see glimpses of the aftermath in Joseon (their newborn, Uibin’s new relationship, Damhyang and her family finally together, court maid’s relationships) if that season two ever came to be.

    P.S. Hong Yeon never got her romance resolved in the end!!! Sure SoYoung changed the laws that she is now able to marry but it would’ve been great to see what happened in the aftermath.

    1. I also thought So Yong was dead after Bong Hwan got the memories from her in the lake. What else were we supposed to think watching her sink to the bottom?!

      The entire journey was about Bong Hwan, his character development, his relationships…having it end with him standing alone with nothing while SY gets everything feels wrong.

      I think if the writers had SY active in BH’s body in the present it would’ve changed A LOT and opened up the story more. So many fun possibilities! But they closed off that option early on which is a shame.

  4. I cant believe they annihilated such a good story in half episode. The end is completely disconnected from the story.
    really bad bad ending

  5. I don’t normally watch K dramas, only watched this one because of the queer storyline and I have to say I agree with you 1000%. Actually found your post by searching “Mr. Queen bad ending.”

    I mean, one doesn’t have to be queer or gay to understand that if your partner’s soul was replaced today that would be a tragedy of massive proportions. Bong Hwan and Cheol Jong had found their soulmate in one another. So Yong wasn’t CJ’s soulmate, she’s not the person he fell in love with. And it’s not her body that he fell in love with.

    oh man, it’s just so disappointing. I feel kind of bad for the writers as they were probably just trying not to get canceled by the conservative majority. After all, they are in Asia, but the whole thing is too depressing 🙁

    1. Michelle Ann says:

      Actually laughed out loud that you found this post searching for “Mr. Queen bad ending”. Thanks for that 😆

      The ending was obviously sad/tragic with Bong Hwan/CJ being separated and CJ not really knowing so I’m blown away when people tell me it’s a happy ending. SY/CJ relationship is completely different from BH/CJ. Some people saw the two main actors smiling together at the end and just accepted it. And I’ve seen people dismiss the queerness of the drama/BH so they would be fine with the ending too.

      Mr. Queen had a few controversies when the drama started so I think that made the writers extra cautious with the ending. I understand but still very disappointing.

  6. I totally completely agree with every point you made. I loved loved loved the 19.5 episodes and then the last 30 min me a huge WTF? It was so ridiculously unbelievable. Cheoljong loved So Bong in So Yong body, not a body of So Yong with any personality. The ending is so out of character for both of them.

    There are so many things they could have done, so many interesting possibilities, but they chose the most disconnecting option…why? just to be aligned with heteronormativity? So disappointing- even death is better than this implausible ending!

    1. Michelle Ann says:

      I agree. One of my favourite parts of the drama was Cheoljong loving So Bong for who they are…he loved So Bong’s personality! Not So Yong’s body with any personality.

      I’m still so amazed that the drama chose the worst ending possible. I would’ve been less upset with death tbh!

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS??? This post describes my whole feeling about this drama for real 😭 I’ve heard some people said, “then what do you want? A love story between two men?” I mean. Wasnt it really like that from the very start??! Why dont they continue what they started? I’m so frustated I have never been so heartbroken like this after seeing a completely fiction story hahah 💔

    Ive seen some theories said that it probably the OG Queen who control the body when it comes to romance. I’m like: mmmmm are you sure? The time when the queen decided to join the king’s side eventhough they know he will lose. The time when they cried when the king ‘died’. The time when they kissed him. All the laugh, the cry, the joy, the misery;; all the things we saw on screen: is that really So Yong alone?

    1. Michelle Ann says:

      It really amazes me that people watch Mr. Queen and don’t see that the love story is between two men. The story is about a MAN in a woman’s body…the TITLE of the drama is MR QUEEN. how is it not clicking 😭

      The theories about So Yong being the one in control any time there’s romance really annoy me. She wakes up and takes control only when she gets horny for CJ? Come on. And we can clearly see Bong Hwan’s crazy personality in those scenes with So Bong/Cheoljong. But some people just desperately want their hetero romance and see what they want to see I guess.

  8. Oh my god finally people who agree with me! Whenever I meet people who watched Mr Queen they are unbothered and it’s just so unsettling to me. I really enjoyed the 19.5 episodes but thought maybe BH’s life before could have been a ”dream” or “hallucination” (I don’t know how to phrase it). And just like everyone said in the comments, if we saw SY’s view in BH’s body it would bring a whole new story into the light. So Bong and CJ’s connection was bound and you could always see how they connected.
    It’s just so sad that such great potential for a happy ending went to waste just for the sake of other people’s opinions.

    1. It boggles my mind how many people are unbothered/happy with the ending!

      BH’s experiences as So Bong being a coma dream was definitely an ending I thought might happen. I wouldn’t like that ending either but I’d prefer it over what we got.

      MQ had 20 eps and spent most of that time building up SB and SB/CJ, not SY and SY/CJ.
      I find it hard to believe the writer cared about SY at all.

  9. I absolutely agree with you that the ending left me frustrated and that’s the reason that as soon as the drama ended, I went straight to internet to search if people think the same way like me. Plus, they never showed properly, what was her soul doing all this time. Nevertheless, I felt sad for the King.

    1. You’re not alone…there are tons of us that feel let down by the ending!
      My heart breaks for Cheoljong.

  10. Mxxnlight says:

    Hi. I agree with you with the fact that Bong Hwan was left alone at the last minute just to please the Korean heteronormative audience and because of that he lost his friends and the man he loved, that was not a happy ending for him at all, but in return he grew up as a person, learned how to love and could change history for the better, as you mention. But there’s something that doesn’t have consistency in your analysis: why do you criticize writers for giving more value to the outside (body) than the inside (soul), but on the other hand you say that you find it amazing that people interpret Bong Hwan as trans, genderqueer, genderfluid, gay, bisexual when gender and sexual orientation are inherently linked to the body? That’s very contradictory.
    Besides, you say Cheoljong intrinsically fell in love with So Yeong because Bong Hwang’s soul had taken control of his body, I agree with that too, the fact that Cheoljong was actually in love with Bong Hwan and not So Yeong is an undeniable fact because the queen’s body was only a vessel of Bong Hwang’s soul. That’s why the ending of the series is rather sad, because they lose each other, but I don’t see it as a disappointed ending, it’s a realistic one considering the fact that Bong Hwan’s soul had to come back to his body because So Yong’s sdoul was still there, and two souls can’t live together in one body. Good analysis of the series tho.

  11. like everyone rushing after the final episode, i feel more pissed than relaxed at the ending. watching this show has had your attention till the very end and i LOVE it, it’s misleading with the comedy tag when actuality it hits your heart when you least expect it. i just don’t understand So Yong to 1) transfer souls, it leaves a hole in the plot then 2) what was the whole point for Bong Hwan to do EVERYTHING that SHE was supposed to do, she put him through the most traumatic and dysphoric experience than the moment he finally embraced himself she just.. took it … away. atp im summarizing this article because it hit every key point to why the ending was lame. this show was written and executed amazingly that even the ending provokes you but i’d rather have a typical sad or happy ending; trying to achieve the 2 things as a compromise ends up disappointing everyone IMO. feels like the middle finger to everyone

  12. yessssss. I couldn’t agree more. There was an episode where he told BY that he loved her because she was the most imperfect being. He also told Uibin that he didn’t love her because she was the owner of the book. He loved her for her. so it’s obvious the CJ was a soul lover. the ending angered me.

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